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Mar 01, 2014

Know Your Roof
*To reduce the risk of roof collapse, know your roof’s design capacity.
*The roof’s design may be compromised by building use and condition.
*Be alert to lower buildings or roof top equipment that can trap drifting snow.
*Snow loading is more likely to occur on flat or low slope roofs.
*If your building has a wood or metal truss roof, you should be more aware of snow loads.
Monitor the Situation
*Don’t wait until media reports of collapses occur before monitoring your own building.
*If the roof already has a significant amount of snow or ice, and a new storm is expected in a few days, safely reduce the snow load before the next storm.
*If any signs of deflection due to weight of snow are noted, evacuate the building and seek professional help to determine structural stability.
Protect Workers and Property
*Snow removal is best done from the ground, with a snow rake or an aerial lift.
*If workers must go on the roof, “fall through” hazards should be marked, workers should wear fall protection and electrocution hazards should be identified.
*If done improperly snow removal can severely damage a roof surface or pop out fasteners.
*Push brooms and roof rakes should be used for snow removal instead of snow blowers or shovels.

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