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2013 Motorcycle Tips

Motorcycle riders in most parts of the country are accustomed to putting their bikes into winter storage. But with this year's winter, even those in the South and West have had significant idle time. Before your customers hit the road again, remind them to prepare the bike with a few maintenance steps.

Replace the oil and fuel. Oil gets acidic as it ages, which can damage engine parts. And any fuel stabilizer put in the tank last fall will not combust well, leading to rough engine performance until it burns off.

Check the brake and transmission fluids levels as well.

Check the tires. If the bike sat on concrete all winter, instead of being elevated, the rubber may have deformed producing a flat spot. At the very least, the tires may be low on air.

Test the moving parts. Make sure the brake cables and drive chain did not become loose.
Warm it up. Let the cycle heat to running temperature to flush out all of the systems before heading out for that first run.

Look at the proof of insurance. Replace last year's card with the new one when the policy renews


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