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Fire Works Safety

With the 4th of July just around the corner, Mearhoff Insurance Agency would like to remind everyone about the dangers of fireworks and some safety tips.

1. First, always follow and obey local laws regarding the use of fireworks, especially in Pennsylvania which may require a permit to exhibit.

2. Be knowledgeable about the firework product you purchase, read the labels and description of the fireworks before lighting.

3. Make sure a responsible adult supervises all lighting of fireworks, no children should ever touch fireworks.

4. Wear eye protection when around the area of ignition.

5. Only light one firework at a time and move away from fireworks as quick as possible.

6. Only use fireworks outside, which is pretty obvious.

7. Always have a First Aid kids handy and available, open it up and make sure it has all necessary items should an emergency occur.

8. Always have a water source available(bucket, operational hose).

Thanks to the National Fireworks Safety site ( for the help and tips on fireworks. Safely enjoy the fireworks and have a great holiday weekend.