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Using Your Snow Blower Safely!!!!

As we look outside today, almost 24 inches plus of snow is expected to descend in the Lehigh Valley over the next 24 hours.  Thanks to Travelers Insurance here are some tips for safety before, during and after a winter storm. 

Before the Storm

Make sure your driveway and sidewalks are free of debris for a number of reasons, first they can clog and damage your snow blower or worse yet make that debris a projectile.  If you still get the newspaper make sure you do not leave that behind as it will get sucked up, clog your machine and is a nightmare to clear.  

We would recommend using driveway markers to identify boundaries of plowing to be completed and to prevent damage to grass and landscaping. If you use a gas powered snow blower make sure you have enough fuel and make sure to store and transport in approved containers(We don't need any major fires during a major storm!!!).

Also, it would be wise to test your snow thrower to make sure it is in good working condition prior to a major storm, make sure that you have replacement parts, shear pins being the most important as if those break by hitting an object, you will need to store more.

During the Storm 

First, always start your blower outside, never inside an enclosed space such as a garage to prevent fire, explosion or carbon monoxide((CO).  During the process of clearing snow, wear bright reflective clothing especially when it is still snowing to prevent injury from vehicles or plow trucks and protective eyewear should be considered. Probably ideal not to use headphones to make sure one is aware of their surroundings and to not blindly walk in to your street as oncoming vehicles especially plows will not see you.    

The most important rule, NEVER PUT YOUR HAND IN THE AUGER(obviously), most newer snow blowers come with brushes to use to clear the snow and ice. If not use a brush or rake, NEVER YOUR HANDS.

For deeper snow, we would recommend take breaks after every hour or so to prevent any health related incidents while plowing.  

After the Storm

Leave you snow blower outside until it cools off and still do not put any extremities in the chute or auger, the snow blower may retain stored energy even after it has been turned off and could turn on after any jam or snow/ice becomes dislodged.  Letting the snow and ice melt off the blower before storing is also a great idea to prevent rust.

Thanks for reading, follow us on any one of our social media outlets and stay safe!!!