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Freeze Advisory Follow Up

As we all know, the coming week is going to bring yet another blast of cold air. Temperatures will remain below freezing through the end of January. Unfortunately, along with bitter temperatures, this weather also brings the potential for pipe bursts.

Below are some tips to prevent you and your clients from experiencing a pipe burst.


Preventing a pipe burst               

- Seal off any windows/ doors/ openings in your home which may allow cold air to come in

-If there are pipes in an area that may be vulnerable to the cold, allow a slow drop of water to run from all faucets as long as low temperatures persist

-Open any cabinets/ closet doors that will expose pipes to warmer temperatures of your home


If your pipes DO freeze...

 - Shut off water immediately

- Once pipes have thawed, slowly turn water back on and check for cracks/ leaks


On-going Prevention

- Make sure everyone in your home knows where the main water valve is located

-Search home for un-insulated pipes, especially in unheated areas of the home 

- If you own an unoccupied residence, make sure all pipes are drained and main water valve is shut off


 Thanks to our friends at First Service Restoration for the information and tips.